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5 Benefits of Treatment With Physiotherapy

Physical therapy—or physiotherapy—is an excellent treatment method for addressing health issues in patients of all ages in order to restore their bodily functions, alleviate their pain and prevent injury or disease. Here, our team of Manotick physiotherapists walk you through 5 of the ways that physiotherapy can help to improve your health.

Physiotherapy can be a great treatment option for patients of all ages in order to help restore their movement, to prevent disease and to curb discomfort and pain they may be experiencing. Our team of physiotherapists at our Manotick physiotherapy clinic are able to develop customized physical therapy treatment plans to help to restore your body's function if it has been negatively impacted by illness, injury or other health conditions.

Physical therapy treatments encourage a healthy and active lifestyle while treating specific conditions, illnesses or injuries. because of this non-invasive approach, physiotherapy is often considered a conservative first measure by physicians when approaching many different health issues. Because of this, your primary care doctor may prescribe you physiotherapy as a first effort to treat a condition after it has been identified. 

Here are 5 ways that physiotherapy can positively impact your health:

Avoid Surgery

If it is able to dispel pain and heal help injuries heal, physiotherapy may be able to circumvent the need for surgical treatment altogether. And even if the health issue you are experiencing is one that will have to eventually be treated by a surgical procedure anyway, many primary care physicians will prescribe

Physiotherapy, if it is able to heal the injury or dispel pain you are experiencing, can circumvent the need for surgery as a treatment method. Even if your health issue is one that will eventually have to be treated by a surgical procedure, many primary care physicians will prescribe physical therapy treatment to their patients. This is a treatment plan designed to prepare you and your body for surgery.

Going into surgery as physically fit and as healthy as possible can improve your recovery time and reduce the chance of complications arising during the healing process after your operation. 

Reduce or Eliminate Pain

The exercises and manual techniques involved with physiotherapeutic treatments can help to both restore function to muscles and joints as well as to reduce or eliminate the pain you are feeling that may be associated with those health issues.

Physiotherapy treatments can help to reduce or alleviate pain you may be feeling using soft tissue and joint mobilization exercises, ultrasound, electrical stimulation or taping.

Recovery from sports injury or prevention of sports injury

Physical therapists are exceedingly familiar with sports the kinds of injuries that are common in people that play them.

Not only can physiotherapists provide you with treatments to help you get back onto the field, but they will also be able to design preventative exercises for your to strengthen your body. We are committed to ensuring that you can get back to your normal active life as safely and as quickly as possible after an injury related to sports.

Management of Women's Health

Physiotherapy is able to benefit women in a number of different ways, preventing and addressing the health issues that surround pregnancy, postpartum recovery and many other aspects of women's lives. 

It can also be used to help treat a number of health issues affecting women, including urinary incontinence. fibromyalgia, constipation and breast cancer.  

Improves Mobility

No matter your age, physiotherapy can help you to recover from difficulties with walking, standing or undertaking normal, everyday movements. Our physiotherapists are able to provide you with strength training in order to assist you in restoring your body's function to what it was before. 

You can also be fitted with an assistive device that is right for you, including crutches, canes, orthotic prescriptions and more. Our physiotherapists can also design treatment plans that are customized to your unique needs, targeting the cause of your reduced mobility in order to make sure that you have the best possible chance of a safe recovery throughout the process. 

Are you suffering from a painful condition, injury or a loss of mobility? 

Our team of physiotherapists can help you to alleviate your pain and recover your bodily function.

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