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For those living active lives, whether that involve going to the gym or playing sports, injuries - especially minor ones - are almost inevitable. Not all sports injuries require weeks or months of downtime and recovery. Your recovery can be helped by our Manotick physical therapists. Here, we explain more about how to speed your recovery from sports injuries.

Whether you're lifting weights, running for long distances, or playing team sports, injuries are likely to happen to even the most careful person leading an active lifestyle. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may have pain, reduced mobility and significantly impacted performance for anywhere from days to weeks to months or even for longer than that!

However, this doesn't always have to be the case.

While some very serious injuries take months to heal, even with the help of physiotherapy, sports injury physiotherapy can significantly help aid and speed your recovery from an injury as well as strengthen your muscles to help ensure that the same issues don't arise again in the future. 

Sports Injury Physiotherapy

Sports injury physiotherapy is a kind of treatment offered at physiotherapy centers that, as the name suggests, focuses on treating and rehabilitating either acute or degenerative injuries that patients have sustained through the course of active activities like sports.  We also ensure to take your recovery exercises and movements beyond day-to-day ones, into sport-specific ones to minimize future re-injury.

The treatments offered by our Manotick physiotherapists are designed to aid in the recovery from sports injuries, restore mobility, increase strength in the affected parts of the body and encourage good habits to reduce the chances of serious injury to the same area again in the future.   

Some of the treatments we offer to rehabilitate sports injuries include:

  • Stabilization with taping or bracing.
  • Manual Therapy for joint and tissue restrictions or stiffness.
  • Active exercises to restore flexibility, strength, endurance and balance.
  • Dry Needling or Acupuncture for the management of pain and swelling.
  • Ultrasound and other electrotherapy agents for the management of acute injuries through the inflammatory phase of healing.

Using any of the above treatments in combination with one another and tailored to your own specific injury, your physiotherapists will be able to speed up your recovery and rehabilitate your body back to your normal level of performance. However, the most useful tool in our arsenal to combat sports injuries is actually preventive physiotherapy treatments and exercises. 

Preventing Sports Injuries With Physiotherapy

While your body is in good shape and able to perform all of the physical activities it needs, your can actually start to tailore your exercises to injuries that you may be predisposed to (or to injuries in their early stages, if they are degenerative). This will help to ensure that if and when you do experience a sports injury while staying active, it will be minor and easily rehabilitated.

As with many different kinds of healthcare, prevention is actually the best way to ensure that sports injuries like inflammation of muscles or tendons are recoverable as quickly as possible. Not only does prevention stop injuries from happening in the first place (you could even think of this as making your recovery instantaneous!), they set your body up for success in quick and easy recovery from a myriad of sports injuries. 

Preventive Physiotherapy in Manotick

As part of the sports injury rehabilitation programs that we develop for our Manotick clients, we will schedule both pre-and post-season assessments. these appointments will involve us taking a comprehensive look at your muscles to ensure that your body is working at its optimal level year-round. 

We will speak with you about any previous injuries you might have sustained, any potential issues we have identified in your body at this moment, and concerns you have about your training. We will work with you to create a custom preventive physiotherapy treatment plan, including prescribed exercises, manual therapies and stabilization of weakened parts of your body. This treatment plan will help to reduce your risk of injury and improve your overall performance by enhancing your strength, mobility and more!

Have you recently suffered from a workout injury or are looking to prevent one from developing?

Our team of physiotherapists is specially trained in sports medicine and can help you to recover.

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