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Our highly trained team of clinicians focuses on prevention first. We are dedicated to our patients and to the broader Ottawa community. In this post, we take some time to explain our care philosophy and our commitment to the community. 

Patients of all ages may benefit from physiotherapy, which can be an excellent treatment option to help restore movement, prevent diseases and alleviate pain or discomfort. 

Our team at our physiotherapy clinic serve clients in Ottawa by developing customized physical therapy treatment plans to help restore your body's health and function if you've sustained an injury, been sick or are experiencing other health conditions. 

Physical therapy treatments can be used to treat a specific condition and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle. This type of therapy is often considered a conservative approach to many acute and long-term physical health issues. Primary care physicians will often prescribe physiotherapy as a first effort to treat a condition after it's been diagnosed. 

Our Treatment Philosophy

At our physiotherapy clinic in Manotick, we take a whole-body approach to physiotherapy and treatment, and see rehabilitation as a comprehensive wellness experience. We take a prevention-first approach to treatment, as preventing injury or pain before either occur is always better than treating them after the fact. By developing a preventative analysis and individualized treatment program, we work with our patients to normalize movement patterns and prevent injuries and reoccurences. 

When it comes to treating existing conditions, we believe in early and active intervention, which has been scientifically shown to produce superior results for all injuries. With personalized treatment programs, we can help you restore your mobility, strength and function. 

Discovering and treating the root source of your problem, in addition to helping you understand your injury and pain, are high priorities. We also look beyond resolving issues with pain to ask how we can encourage and support a better quality of life for our clients going forward. 

What We Offer Our Community

Our Manotick physiotherapists believe in doing more than just offering medical care. We believe in providing compassionate care and in working to make your wellness experience with us as easy, comfortable and stress-free as possible. 

To help achieve those goals, we are committed to providing the following amenities and services to our community of clients from Manotick and across Ottawa.

  • Convenient location, just a short drive from Riverside South and Barrhaven
  • Ample free parking
  • Ground floor clinic 
  • No referral required 
  • Private treatment rooms
  • Multi-faceted approach to treatments
  • Physiotherapy, Massage and other treatments under one roof 
  • Dedicated clinicians who are experts in their fields 
  • Treatment for men, women, and children 
  • One-on-one treatment with your clinician 

We welcome patients to join our community of physiotherapists to help improve and maintain their good health and overall well-being. Our team can't wait to meet you and work with you to maximize your health!

Are you suffering from a painful injury or condition? 

Our physiotherapists can help you recover bodily function and reduce pain.

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