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Registered Physiotherapy Resident

Meet Emily Valko, a Physiotherapy Resident who recently graduated from Queen’s University. Having navigated her own recovery from sports-related injuries, she deeply understands the value of personalized treatment. Emily employs a mix of hands-on techniques, exercise prescriptions, and education to create rehabilitation strategies tailored to each individual’s unique needs. She’s also dedicated to expanding her skill set, pursuing post-graduate training opportunities in manual therapy, acupuncture and pelvic health.
While Emily has a solid foundation in treating musculoskeletal issues, she’s increasingly passionate about pelvic health. Recognizing the significance of this field, she offers services addressing a range of concerns, from incontinence to pre- and post-pregnancy challenges. Her goal is to empower clients with knowledge and strategies, ensuring they regain control and confidence in their bodies.
Beyond the clinic, Emily is an avid sports and outdoor enthusiast who highly values leading an active life. By integrating her professional expertise with her personal passions, Emily aspires to guide each client on their unique path to recovery, enabling them to return to their desired activities and lifestyles.

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